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Buddhist Prayers

1. Opening the Sūtra  2. Transferring Merit  3. Four Vast Vows  4. Universally Worthy Vow of the Ten Great Actions  5. Always Walking the Bodhisattva Way  6. Repenting of All Sins  7. Wishing to Be Reborn in the Pure Land  8. Supplicating to Be Reborn in the Pure Land  9. Ascending the Golden Steps  10. Praising Amitābha Buddha 

1. Opening the Sūtra (開經偈)

The unsurpassed, profound true Dharma
Is hard to encounter in billions of kalpas.
This I now have seen and heard, and have come to accept and uphold,
Hoping to understand the true meaning of the Tathāgatas.

2. Transferring Merit (回向偈)

May the merit of my practice
Adorn Buddhas’ Pure Lands,
Requite the fourfold kindness from above,
And relieve the suffering of the three life-paths below.
Universally wishing sentient beings,
Friends, foes, and karmic creditors,
All to activate the bodhi mind,
And all to be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

3. The Four Vast Vows (四弘誓願)

Sentient beings are countless; I vow to deliver them all.
Afflictions are endless; I vow to eradicate them all.
Dharma Doors are measureless; I vow to learn them all.
Buddha bodhi is unsurpassed; I vow to attain it.

4. The Universally Worthy Vow of the Ten Great Actions (普賢十大行願)

First, make obeisance to Buddhas.
Second, praise Tathāgatas.
Third, make expansive offerings.
Fourth, repent of karma, the cause of hindrances.
Fifth, express sympathetic joy over others’ merits.
Sixth, request Buddhas to turn the Dharma wheel.
Seventh, beseech Buddhas to abide in the world.
Eighth, always follow Buddhas to learn.
Ninth, forever support sentient beings.
Tenth, universally transfer all merits to others.

5. Always Walking the Bodhisattva Way (常行菩薩道)

May the three kinds of hindrances and all afflictions be eliminated.
May I gain wisdom and true understanding.
May all hindrances caused by sin be removed.
May I always walk the Bodhisattva Way, life after life.

6. Repenting of All Sins (懺悔偈)

The evil karmas I have done with my body, voice, and mind are caused by greed, anger, and delusion, which are without a beginning. Before Buddhas I now supplicate for my repentance.
往昔所造諸惡業 皆由無始貪瞋癡 從身語意之所生 今對佛前求懺悔
The evil karmas I have done with my body, voice, and mind are caused by greed, anger, and delusion, which are without a beginning. I repent of all sins, the cause of hindrances.
往昔所造諸惡業 皆由無始貪瞋癡 從身語意之所生 一切罪障皆懺悔
The evil karmas I have done with my body, voice, and mind are caused by greed, anger, and delusion, which are without a beginning. I repent of all the roots of sin.
往昔所造諸惡業 皆由無始貪瞋癡 從身語意之所生 一切罪根皆懺悔

7. Wishing to Be Reborn in the Pure Land (願生淨土)

I wish to be reborn in the Western Pure Land.
I wish to have as my parents a lotus flower in nine grades.
When the flower opens, I will see that Buddha and realize that dharmas have no birth,
And I will have as my companions the Bodhisattvas who never regress.

8. Supplicating to Be Reborn in the Pure Land (求生淨土)

I single-mindedly take refuge in Amitābha Buddha in the World of Ultimate Bliss. I pray that He will illuminate me with pure light and draw me in with His loving-kind vows. With right mindfulness, I now say this Tathāgata’s name. To walk the Bodhi Way, I supplicate to be reborn in His Pure Land.
Before this Buddha attained Buddhahood in the past, He made a vow: “Suppose there are sentient beings who, with earnest faith and delight, wish to reborn in my land, even if by only thinking ten thoughts. If they should fail to be reborn there, I would not attain the perfect enlightenment.”
Through my thinking of this Buddha as the cause and condition, I have gained entrance into this Tathāgata’s ocean of great vows. By the power of this Buddha’s lovingkindness, my sins will be expunged, and my roots of goodness will expand. At the end of my life, I will know the coming of my time. My body will have no illness or suffering. My heart will have no greed or attachments. My mind will not be demented but will be peaceful as if in meditative concentration. This Buddha, holding a lotus-borne golden platform in His hands, together with a holy multitude, will come to receive me. In the instant of a thought, I will be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss. When the lotus flower opens, I will see this Buddha and hear the Buddha Vehicle, and my Buddha wisdom will immediately unfold. I will widely deliver sentient beings, fulfilling my bodhi vow.

Homage to all Buddhas of the past, present, and future, in worlds in the ten directions!
Homage to all Bodhisattva-Mahāsattvas!
Homage to mahā-prajñā-pāramitā!
十方三世一切佛 一切菩薩摩訶薩 摩訶般若波羅蜜

9. Ascending the Golden Steps (上金階)

In the ocean-like lotus pond assembly, seated on lotus-borne platforms are Amitābha Tathāgata and Bodhisattvas Avalokiteśvara and Great Might Arrived, who welcome me to ascend the golden steps. I majestically declare my great vows, wishing to leave all afflictions behind.
蓮池海會 彌陀如來觀音勢至坐蓮臺 接引上金階 大誓弘開 普願離塵埃

Homage to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ocean-like lotus pond assembly! (Repeat three times.)
蓮池海會佛菩薩 (三稱)

10. Praising Amitābha Buddha (讚阿彌陀佛)

Amitābha Buddha in a golden body is
Unsurpassed in His excellent appearance and radiance.
The curling white hair between His eyebrows is like five Sumeru Mountains.
His blue eyes are as clear as four great oceans.
Present in His radiance are innumerable koṭis of magically manifested Buddhas
And countless magically manifested Bodhisattvas.
He has made forty-eight vows to deliver sentient beings,
Enabling them to arrive in nine grades at the opposite shore.

Namo Amitābha Buddha of great lovingkindness and great compassion, in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss!
Namo Amitābha Buddha! (Say these words or “namo amituo fo” as many times as one wishes.)
南無西方極樂世界 大慈大悲阿彌陀佛
南無阿彌陀佛 (多稱)

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